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Adeptly Handling Civil Litigation, Including Commercial Disputes

Attorney Glenn Crickenberger and the team at GC Law have been providing clients with civil litigation legal services for more than a decade and a half. In addition to personal injury claims, our client disputes include breach of contract claims, partnership disputes, construction disputes, fraudulent and negligent business practices, and conflicts over leases real estate, and other similar causes of action.

When you retain attorney Glenn Crickenberger and GC Law, you will benefit from their integrity and dedication combined with proven experience. You can count on us to bring the level of professionalism that is required to resolve your dispute(s) efficiently and with your interests at the forefront. Whether you seek a substantial settlement or simply a just resolution of your case, our team at GC Law will diligently help you pursue the wanted results.

Factors Leading to Civil Disputes

Legal conflicts occur between private individuals and businesses as well as between commercial entities. Such disputes are usually the result of failures in the fulfillment of agreements between the parties.

Parties may resolve their cases through negotiations, mediation or arbitration. Litigation is often the last recourse because of the cost and uncertainty that comes with it. If litigation is necessary Glenn Crickenberger and GC Law has the proven track record you need.

A Focus on Commercial Litigation

Nearly all business transactions involve written or spoken contracts. Contract disputes are often the result of oral agreements or vague, incomplete written contracts leading to misinterpretations or differing interpretations. When a business becomes embroiled in a major dispute, its operations, work products and profitability can be negatively affected. GC Law can relieve you from the burden of litigation.

From the onset of any contractual dispute, it is important to seek counsel from a lawyer who is experienced in civil litigation. GC Law works with its business clients to help prevent potential conflicts by working with them before problems occur. Better yet, work with an attorney before you enter into any major contract. Ask your lawyer to review the contract before you sign it. This simple step will often save you the trouble of a contract dispute. If, however, a contract that you entered into has been breached, get ready to take legal action to protect your business interests.

Our Team Is Here To Help

It doesn’t take long for a contract dispute to get complicated. The civil litigation legal team at GC Law focuses on delivering results in breach of contract cases. We have the efficiency, resources and skills to represent your interests in any legal matter related to business or contracts. Let our civil litigation lawyers take the lead. Contact us today at 772-710-4243 or send an email to request a consultation and case review.

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