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As a private individual or someone in a position of responsibility in a legal entity such as a company, you may encounter the disruption of a breach of contract claim at any time. You or the other party in a deal may claim that the other did not fulfill the terms of a contract. If negotiations, collections or other ordinary dealings are unsuccessful and you have much at stake, it is in your interests to seek legal advice early in the conflict.

Your contract dispute may involve a business deal, a real estate transaction or another high-stakes situation. You should seek counsel if losses or potential losses are significant and discussions with the other party have been unfruitful. At GC Law in Fort Pierce, Florida, you can find the guidance and support you need to resolve a contract dispute.

Breaches Of Contract – Definitions And Causes

Breach of contract claims are by far the most common legal conflicts involving spoken and written agreements. You may be a party in a breach of contract claim if one or both parties allege that:

  • A binding agreement between the parties is in existence
  • The contract has been breached by either party
  • The breach has resulted in damages

Examples of causes that often contribute to allegations of a breach of contract include:

  • Duress
  • Errors
  • Fraud
  • Questions about the legitimacy of a contract

If you become a client of GC Law, we will evaluate your case efficiently with a focus on supporting your position.

How We May Address Your Breach Of Contract Claim (Or Defense) Before A Judge

Our civil litigation lawyers are experienced in all aspects of contract disputes and breach of contract claims. Our legal team members are fully knowledgeable about pleading requirements and other court procedures. We will apply our knowledge to your case depending on the facts and your role in the conflict, such as the following:

  • If you are the plaintiff, we will pursue a favorable outcome on your behalf by first demonstrating the existence of a contract.
  • If you are the defendant, we may challenge the validity of the alleged contract.

We may use expert witnesses to help us simplify any industry-specific jargon or common practices within a type of commercial entity as we prepare to argue in your favor.

If we obtain – or help you avoid – a court order, you and/or the other party may end up with a remedy such as the following:

  • Cancellation of the contract
  • Compensatory damages for the wronged party
  • Specific performance (a requirement that either party take certain actions in accordance with the terms of the contract)
  • Liquidated damages (intended to help the wronged party recover what has been lost)

Attorney Glenn Crickenberger is a skilled litigator with a strong track record of success at trial. You can count on him and our team to represent you zealously and skillfully.

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Do not let a disagreement about a contract get the upper hand. No matter what is at stake or what its value is, at GC Law, you can find a trustworthy advocate.

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